Monday, May 12, 2008

Let Us be Compassionate

For those who have lost all
hope is their only refuge,
for their only shelter is a hell on earth.

The tempest,
mad with anger,
cruel and destructive,
has come and gone, taking all,
leaving rows of corpses
with clothes ripped open,
across our devastated land.

No more food to eat, little one!
The mother is crying.
But the little mouths to feed
are gone forever.

No more house to live, young woman!
Only her small body remains,
coiled gracefully in the water.

No more medicine for you, old man,
only his still body remains….
swollen in the water,
departed to another life
floating down the river.

The living,
with no one to help them
and no one to save them,
are already drowning
in the angry boiling sea –
the sea of despair.

Oh celestial beings,
ruler of the heavens,
spirits of divine powers,
What fault did they commit,
These impoverished people?

By what powers have you created
tears and misery
starvation and disease
for the survivors,
when their families are already lost?

And now…….Let’s help our people……
so that whatever happens,
the survivors can go on
with infinite hope.

translated by S. Khun Mong
Written by Nyein Zay oo

Someone translated my poem and sent me back from email.
Thanks for your translation.