Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Citizens of Dystopia

 For the exposition of our era
  we only have fallen circumstances
  to show as our own grandeur.

 " Let's hate someone
 for neither in our temple nor in our circle
 decimate them for being different."
 That's the trend of the century,
 century of miscreants.

"Let's make a deal with rogue regime
 come on,  dance and sing with your sweetest smile,
to make nefarious cockroaches happy"

"Let's turn our blind eyes to self-serving,
two-timing, short-selling greatest subservient icon of all time.
Of course ..very rare quality in the history of mankind"
"let's praise the bravery, let's cheer the intelligence
let's sip through our own starving on a whim while doing so"

 In which we live
 we willingly deteriorate profoundly
 Thus, we applause and we shout "long live the phonies
long live the phonies, long live the phonies"

Nyein Zay Oo